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Last year I had the privilege of being a supporter of the participants who took part in the Perth to Bunbury Rove. A ride that requires dedication and determination to cycle 200km from Perth to Bunbury and back again the next day. Can you even begin to imagine doing this for fun? I was so inspired and empowered by everyone who took past last year, that this year I am going to give it ago. I have been training for this with Kelly Snyman and Steph Malone. Our goal is to do the Perth to Bunbury trip – 200km on Saturday 6th September.

When I mentioned this to a colleague, she said, “We really have to talk, why do you hate yourself so much?” She was joking of course, but it does raise the question about why we are driven to do certain things. For me, the Rove is all about breaking my personal limits and learning about just how much I can do with my mind and body. I’ll let you know how it goes! Wish me luck!