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Garlic Prawns on the Barbie (Barbecue)

Throw a prawn on the Barbie Or cook in ramekins in the oven


1 kilo of RAW prawns peeled and deveined

¾ cup olive oil

1 knob of garlic – crushed

Juice of a lemon

Salt and pepper 

Serve with chunks of sourdough bread


Mix the peeled prawns with the other ingredients and let sit for about ½ hour. 

Don’t let the mixture sit for too long otherwise the lemon juice will cook the prawns. 

Throw the prawns on a “Barbie” or cook in ramekins. 

If you cook the prawns in ramekins you can soak up the juices with slices of sourdough bread.

The prawns must be fresh.  Don’t buy prawns that have been pre frozen.