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What is this site about?

This site is about living your potential and challenging your limits. That may be different for each of you. You will find blog posts here about all sorts of adventures, activities and pursuits. You will find blog posts on inspiring stories, how to build your emotional resilience, how to improve your relationships, travel, food, art, how to pursue your dreams and find your purpose. Here you will find inspiration to grow and become the best you can be.

Who runs Happiness of Pursuits?

My name is Barbara. I am the founder and site editor.

What are your credentials?

I have enjoyed being a life long learner. I have several academic qualifications, including a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I was drawn to studying psychology because I whole heartedly believe in the capacity to grow as a person and live a full and meaningful life. I have had my fair share of struggles, challenges and hurts, just like you.

I discovered that one of my pursuits of happiness is to write. I started this blog as way of pursuing my love of writing and to share the joy of doing what you love with others. My experience has taught me to make the most of everyday I have. I want to live my potential and challenge my limits. I want to work at being better, wiser, stronger, more active and self aware. I want to do as much as I can to be happy and content. I know that it’s not easy – I have my ups and downs – but a life worth living is one of being fully engaged in the happiness of pursuits.

How can I contact you?

You can email me at happinessofpursuits[at]

How do I submit a guest post?

Anyone, of any age, in any location can submit their writing to the site. You can learn more about what I look for on the submission guidelines page. Before sending your post, please verify on the guidelines page that submissions are currently open.

Can I use one of the photos on your site?

Many of the photos on the Happiness of Pursuits website come from a third party site that allows free usage with attribution. If you scroll to the bottom of any post, you will find a link for that specific photo. Once you visit that page, you’ll be able to find the original photo and contact info for the photographer. If the photo is credited to Shutterstock, Canstock or a similar source, it is not free to use. If the photo is marked with it is not free to use and written permission must be sought.

Will you review my book?

Unfortunately, I am a little behind with reading at the moment, so I’m not able to do book reviews or author interviews. Sharing a guest blog post may be a good way to introduce yourself and your work to Happiness of Pursuits readers. You can include links to your site/book in your bio.

Will you share my site/social media page/fundraising link on your site or social media pages?

I’m grateful to know so many wonderful people working on amazing projects, online and off, and I love to introduce them to Happiness of Pursuit readers. The best way to do that is through the blog. In contributing a post, you’ll be able to promote your services and projects in your bio, reaching all of our email subscribers and readers.

Why was my comment deleted?

I am a huge proponent of free speech, and I by no means want to limit the conversations these posts inspire. However, I take an active role in moderating this site to keep it a place that feels safe for open, authentic connecting. If your comment appears hostile or offensive to any of the writers or readers here, I will delete it.

I also would appreciate if you minimized links in comments, particularly if you regularly link back to your own site. I frequently delete links that appear irrelevant to the conversation. Your user name will link back to you, so people will be able to learn more about you that way.

Will Happiness of Pursuits do a link exchange with my site?

I do not currently do any type of link exchanging with other sites.

Can I republish a post from on my blog?

If you’d like to share a post from Happiness of Pursuits on your blog, you can feel free to do that so long as you include the author’s byline and bio, along with a note that reads:

“This post was republished with permission from You can find the original post here.” Please include links to both the homepage and the original post.

If you would like to regularly republish posts (publishing more than five in total), I prefer that you publish a short excerpt for each one, ending with a link that directs readers to view the full post on Happiness of Pursuits.

Can I advertise on Happiness of Pursuits?

I currently feature ads in three spots in the sidebar with CPM pricing and rates starting at $250. Please email happinessofpursuits[at] to receive the media kit.

How can I receive updates from Happiness of Pursuits?

There are a number of ways to get and share happiness through Happiness of Pursuits:

  • Subscribe to the blog for free daily (Mon-Fri) or weekly (Fri only) emails.
  • Follow Happiness of Pursuits on Twitter.
  • “Like” Happiness of Pursuits on facebook.
  • Follow Happiness of Pursuits on Google+.
  • Add the Happiness of Pursuits widget to your blog.

Can I nominate myself or someone else for the Remarkable Files?

You can nominate yourself or anyone else for the Remarkable Files. Please submit your nomination by emailing me at happinessofpursuits[at] I will review your nomination and let you know whether or not it will be suitable for

Can I email you for personal advice?

I am unable to offer you personal advice and recommend you consult your local health professional.  This is not a suitable place for providing you with the important support you deserve.

If you can think of any other question that I should add to this page, please contact me at happinessofpursuits[at] to let me know. I appreciate your help!

Barbara Snyman
Happiness of Pursuits Founder and Editor