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I realized this morning that Chester thoroughly enjoys the happiness of pursuits. Whenever I am in the kitchen preparing anything of an edible nature he is always right there. Chester usually assumes one of two positions in the kitchen:

One is lying out of the way, close to the stools beneath the breakfast bar where we often sit. This is a good spot where he can observe the entire goings on and he knows if he waits patiently there’s always a little something for him once we’ve eaten. The other is literally standing between me and the pan on the stovetop. I think this is his favourite position – he takes his job as Sous Chef very seriously as he cleans up any splatters from the pan that happen to land on the floor and happily savours the flavours. Needless to say, it does present some very tricky moments for me or anyone else who happens to be cooking.
This morning that was exactly where he was standing and it made me realize that he works diligently everyday, engaging in tasks that make his tail wag. His top pursuits are being a passionate environmentalist “Greenie” or “Foodie”.

As a pup Chester was definitely equally torn between the two. He was on a mission to recycle any man made item he could find with zeal and speed. All shoes, reticulation, pipes, bins, table legs, doorframes were considered a priority. You name it; he tried to recycle it as a dedicated Greenie would. Food was his other priority. Anything that didn’t fit on the Greenie list had to go on the Foodie list. Sometimes resulting in the consumption of the most usual and at times disgusting things! Now that he is a little more mature he leans more towards being a Foodie Aficionado – although he does still occasionally dabble in Greenie activities. I admire his dedication to happiness of pursuits.


chester              Chesterchilling


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