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Djidi Djidi is the Aboriginal name for the Willy Wagtail bird. The pronunciation of Djidi Djidi is Geedee Geedee. (I just love that name, it rhymes with Giddy Giddy and everytime I say Djidi Djidi it seems to feed a fountain of giggles in me).

Have you ever seen how determined and persistent a Djidi Djidi can be? Take a look at the short video clip I’ve attached. It shows exactly what I mean in a matter of seconds. A very brave Djidi Djidi takes on a big black Crow that’s probably ten times his size.

Djidi Djidi’s are pretty small in size but big in heart. In fact, I don’t think they realize that they are so small. Instead they take on whatever challenge confronts them with energy and strategy. They have absolute confidence in their ability to persist until they achieve their goal. Size and power might not be a Djidi Djidi’s strengths but perseverance certainly is.

Watching this little bird in action is inspirational. We all have “big black crows” in our lives: challenges that come in all different shapes and sizes, looming larger than our perceived ability to prevail. I think you know what I mean.

Despite being well prepared for the challenge, there is always that little bit of self-doubt that might creep in. “What if’s” and “unknowns” start running rampant through your mind. Suddenly, you’re unsure about whether you’ve done enough, whether you’re fit enough, whether you’ve over estimated your ability, whether you can handle the situation. Suddenly you think you’re not good enough – everyone else seems better than you. The opportunities to get in your own way and erode your self-confidence are plentiful. (It’s that infernal internal Resident Critic again).

If this sounds vaguely familiar to you, I’ve some advice: be the Djidi Djidi! Take on your “big black crows” with perseverance, you don’t need power and size.

Be the Djidi Djidi and say to yourself: “You Can Do It!”

(Add a Mexican accent like Ramon’s from Happy Feet and you’re made!)

Watch this video to see what I mean! ( Many thanks to Chris for the video).