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So one of the things on my bucket list is to create this blog. That has involved learning a lot of new fan-dangled jargon and a whole lot of computer skills. Most important of which is not to press the post, publish or enter button too quickly!!!

In the last week I have had the following mishap-adventures in my attempts to start this blog:

  • A fatal error message after fiddling with things I should have left alone, that resulted in me losing access to my website and having to call in the hosting surgeons to perform emergency surgery and revive my blog!
  • Spending hours and hours trying to figure out how to get the Facebook button to work on the website.
  • Setting up a Facebook page for the blog and then repeatedly posting the same item on my blog page from my individual page! Turns out that I need to read the fine print on the top of the page . It tells me who I am posting as! D’oh!! Such a Homer moment!
  • Finding out how to snip and cut and resize images and make them suitable for the web. All those fine motor skills I learnt as a child are insufficient!
  • Trying to figure out the behind the scenes stuff that impacts on how the blog actually looks. The different regions of my brain feel like they playing Twister!
  • Learning to post, publish, update, refresh, etc., etc.,……….

    Such an adventure, I am loving it!!!