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I’ve been thinking a lot about what I wrote last week when I talked about my Resident Critic RC and I realize that there is another side to him that I think is worth mentioning one of the challenges in having RC around is that you are often damned if you do and damned if you don’t I think you know what I mean by the way have you noticed something about what I’m writing here?

There is no pause. I think you probably put your own pauses in because it’s too hard to make sense of it without the pauses, and that is the point of this post. The pause. That little breathing space that allows it all to make sense – so little noticed and yet so vital.

It’s great having a bucket list and an awesome list of big things I want to achieve but sometimes what I want more than anything is to pause. I have a special friend who often reminds me to “just be”: to relax, enjoy, be content with things just the way they are. Like the feeling I get when I have a lie in on a Sunday morning, sipping my coffee and reading my book, just because I can. Or when I’m sitting outdoors soaking up the warmth of the sun, watching time unfold to it’s own rhythm and beat. It’s a time to pause. Breathe. Indulge in contentment and simple pleasures.

As I said, sometimes with RC, I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. RC, being the resident critic that he is – because he takes his job so seriously – often cracks the whip at these times. That quiet contented pause is shattered by the resounding crack of his expectations. He has a million reasons why I should not be content, here are some “crackers” he’s delivered in the past:

  • The garden is looking really shabby you know, look how much better the neighbour’s garden looks.
  • Why haven’t you got a great job like X? He must be living the dream!
  • Geez Y’s new car is awesome! Pity we haven’t got one! Your car’s looking a bit like you – tired and worn out!
  • Oh man, Z’s really got it made! She doesn’t have to work and she’s going on holiday to Europe.
  • Is that it? Is this all there is?
  • Those jeans are really tight!
  • Don’t you think you should be more fashionable?

You know what, I really enjoy pausing. Taking my time. Thinking things through. Feeling grateful. Being content. I like my jeans from 2010, they are comfy! RC’s hints that I should do more, have more, be more are merely an opinion. I’m not buying into it. I am going to continue to enjoy pausing and being content. Pausing is energy boosting rather than energy sapping. That way I’ll have the energy to keep having fun with things I enjoy doing!